BACS Module

BACS Module

Product no.: BACS Module

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The patented BACS „Battery Analysis & Care System” now the 2nd generation is the most advanced product on the market today providing an Ethernet-network integrated battery monitoring and management system. Using web-management technology it checks the internal resistance, the temperature and the voltage of every single accumulator sequentially.


  • Monitoring and regulating the charging process
  • Individual voltage regulation
  • Avoid overcharging / undercharging
  • Indicator of battery problems
  • EQUALIZING avoids sulphation
  • Protection of nearby batteries
  • Optimizing of battery capacity
  • Early warning to replace batteries
  • Battery alert system
  • Power & Environmental alert system
  • improves the service quality
  • includes a full qualifi ed UPS/SNMP and MODBUS manager
  • Free BACS VIEWER analysis software


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